Friday, January 29, 2010


How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something but to be someone.
-- Coco Chanel

Nobody could say it any better than Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, better known as Coco Chanel.  The origin of how the name "Coco" came to be, is rather vague. What we do know, is that Coco Chanel was indeed someone! Coco opened her first shop in 1910, designing hats. 
She is "the someone" who pioneered wonderful French fashions. 
She is "the someone" who inspired women to wear practical clothes, and wear them well.
She is "the someone" who created and popularized the 'little black dress.'
She is "the someone" who introduced the world to Chanel No.5.

A woman like Coco never intended to be something. That thought could never have crossed her mind. Coco wasn't destined to be someone. Destiny figures into those who wait for the door to open, not getting off their duff to open it themselves. Coco was and is a someone that inspires. 

You can spend many years educating yourself to become a doctor. You might be a good doctor, a great doctor, even a fabulous specialist. I commend you on your years of determination and hard work, it clearly has paid off. What you have become, is something. 

Now, what makes a doctor someone? 

Someone who Dares to be themselves, is someone who is inspired and motivated each and every day. 

You have to be inspired each and every day. 
You must inspire each and every day.

Make today the day that you inspire yourself.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Be Heard! Know Your Voice!

If you feel strongly about something ~
If it aches inside of you ~
If it yearns deeply enough to be . . . . 

Somebody told you it is alright to be different. You feel firm in your belief, that being different is just fine. Ah yes! We have all used these lines before. However, they were meant for a lame attempt, at best, to make a point to your parents for some poor choice that you made as a teenager.  

No, you aren't required to reinvent the wheel. What you want to do is recognize what makes your wheel unique. Your wheel stands proudly and confidently above the rest. There should be nothing quirky about your wheel. Quirky means fleeting. 

Be prepared to spend time. Lots of time on your idea. Time does mean money, and negative amounts of money. Do you have the savings to get you through the months of creating, editing, recreating, more edits, and rejection. There will be a time that you need to walk away from the concept, and have a "me" day! Clearing your head will allow the idea to take on a new life. Remain committed to your goal, and you will see it come to fruition. 

You will need strength. The course that leads you to your goal, will require an enormous amount of mental and physical energy. Expect the mind to go into overdrive in the middle of the night. {This is your ambition spinning towards progress.} Ambition will guide you, but depriving yourself of a good night of sleep will not.

Be professional at all times. Knowing the right team to support your efforts is critical. You will need a lawyer, and YOU need to vet them out! You will need to create a company through your State and Federal sites. You don't have to be the expert here, you need to hire the right expert.
This will be discussed in the future Post: "Start Up Ventures ~ Creating a Business Plan"


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sundance Twenty-Ten!

Early to rise! A deep breath, hold it – hold it, exhale! Ahhh, the sweet mountain air. There is something positively glorious about the freshness, sweetness, and crispness of this mountain oasis.

Enjoyed a wonderful day at the Canyons 84098 with some wonderful friends. A must for anyone in the area. The snow falling this morning, made it quite breathtaking. 

A special treat this week, just happens to be my DARING TO BE YOURSELF person of the day ~ Bill Gates. Bill Gates and Davis Guggenheim partnered in a new documentary.  ”Waiting for Superman” conveys the bleak truth, our nations public school system is in a shambles. Davis is an amazing storyteller, and this educational dilemma introduces the public to the desires of children to get the education that they deserve ~ yet, they just can’t seem to achieve their goal. 

Sundance is anything but sleepy these past few days. Lots of buzz and excitement abound, and there is also the global concern for those in Haiti. It is what I believe in the most, life and passion.



It's all about life!

It' all about passion!