Sunday, March 7, 2010


I remember a particular question Matt Lauer asked a guest a few years back on the Today Show.  The question was simply put, "Do you google yourself?"  I chuckled! Google was after all, NEW!  Google wasn't popular, it was still unknown to many, and most importantly  - the information reliability was questionable.  Google has come a long way, to say the least. 

We all utilize google daily! I google news, pictures, and gather basic information quickly! What time does a particular movie start? Google it!  Recently, boardrooms all over the world are asking their employees about SEO's (Search Engine Optimization.)  These companies are looking for their google ranking to rise quickly!  That's great - that's yesterday! Google apps are more advanced than SEO's. 

I was reminded of the Matt Lauer interview recently, because I asked my mother to . . . .  you guessed it . . . . Google me!  Every so often, I ask my family to do the Google Check! As an entrepreneur, I need to keep my name unblemished!  I come from a family of hardworking individuals, and I am determined to keep the family name clean!  My hope, is that the other Helen Whitney's in the world  ~ keep their nose clean!  

Mom called this weekend with good news ~ actually it was great news! All the years of education and hard work seem to continue to work in a positive manner for me (and my same-namers.)  I am not a porn star! Mom and Dad are proud, and my family in France said it's alright to visit them. 

Years ago, my parents would tell me to study hard, play hard, and keep my name out of the paper! Now they are proud that Google doesn't dish ay dirt on me or those with my same name.
So, Google Me! I am not a porn star.

Keep working hard, and keep playing hard, and keep your name clean!

Dare to be Yourself ~ 

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