Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer's Tug of War

Missed you all my Daring friends!

Now I can get back to sharing and daring with the best!

I have been trying to sort through summer plans. Balancing work and play in the summer can be quite exhausting. Priorities v. Playing!!!! Sometimes common sense must win the tug of war that plays out in the mind.

There is no better lace to sit back and combine the two, than a New England summer. I am close enough to the city, airports, and face-to-face clients. When I can remove myself from the hustle and the bustle of the city, I choose....... Martha's Vineyard for the Summer of 2010!

The "must have" is pure relaxation. I certainly choose my rental wisely. Thinking about the size - I don't mind a room or two for guests. However, I am not a fan of large cottages that people crash for the summer. I want my space - I enjoy peace - I savor the new friendships that develop and evolve - I find comfort in quiet moments reading a book.

When looking for a rental, I don't have the luxury to research for hours on the web. I put my faith and trust in Sotheby's International Reality to do the legwork for rentals.

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